Tickets to Champions League quarter finals!

We’re proud to announce that we now are selling tickets to four of the quarter finals in Champions League!

AC Milan vs. FC Barcelona 28th of March 2012

Even though we don’t have a site in English selling tickets to AC Milan’s games yet, we still will sell tickets to the Champions League quarter finals between AC Milan and FC Barcelona on the 28th of March. But if you know German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portugese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Finnish, we have sites that cater for your needs. Get your tickets here (Spanish site).

FC Barcelona vs. AC MILAN the 3rd or 4th April 2012

A couple of days later, Barca will take on AC Milan on either the 3rd or 4th of April 2012 on Camp Nou. The date will be set in a couple of weeks, so if you’re travelling to Barcelona, book at least two nights. But first. Buy you tickets to the game here. We all hope that the game will be played on Tuesday 3rd, in which case you will be able to get tickets to two Spanish quarter finals in a row.

Real Madrid vs. Apoel the 4th of April 2012

Real Madrid has a set date for Wednesday the 4th of April, when they will give Apoel on Santiago Bernabeu. Tickets to the game here.

Chelsea vs. Benfica the 4th of April 2012

On the same date, Chelsea will welcome an invasion of Portugese Benfica fans to Stamford Bridge. Get your tickets to the game here.

We are now aiming to get as many tickets as we can get our hands on to the semifinals. Stay tuned…

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