6 Reasons Not to Sleep in New York

New York

The list of things to do in New York is seemingly endless. No wonder they call it the city that never sleeps. There’s so much to do and see you don’t have the time. To make things easier for you, […]



Do you want to see something different when you’re in London? Fuerzabruta is a show that is somewhat reminiscent of Cirque Du Soleil and will be with you for a long time. Dreams become reality and normal life get to sit in the back seat during the show. It will be dances in water over your head, contortionists will run through walls and colors will explode to the tunes of music. This is a lifetime experience!


Rocky will premiere as a musical on Broadway in February 2014. Sylvester Stallone is the director and the story is the same as the popular movie that came in 1976.
The message is of course also the same; All people can have a chance if they want and live their dream. The tickets have not been released yet so stay tuned.