Swan Lake Reloaded


Would you like to see a classic but a different play? Now you have the chance to see Swedish Fredrik Benke Rydman’s acclaimed reinterpretation of Swan Lake in London at 6th-10th August. We are proud to say that you are able to purchase your tickets from us! The show was sold out in the House of Dance in Stockholm and is now on an acclaimed and sold-out European tour.

Incredibly talented and ambitious Frederick (has been part of Bounce) has made a new interpretation of the classic fairy tale Swan Lake where the story is relocated to the present and streetdance meets Tchaikovsky. With great dance, great music and amazing costumes, you get the chance to see something different that will stay with you long after you leave your seat in the theater.

Tchaikovsky’s original music is used to some extent, but may coexist with completely newly composed and specially composed music by Salem Al Fakir, Moneybrother, Eye N ‘I from PH3 and Skizz from Stockholm syndrome, Adiam Dymott, Lune, Mario Perez Amigo and Simsoak.

You buy the tickets at Londonmusicaltickets.com!

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